The 2022 World Cup will be held at Cinecittà World, the new amusement park of cinema and tv in Rome, built by Cinecittà, the italian factory of movies since 1937.

The park has 40 attractions, 6 shows per day and 7 themed areas.


Many attractions are availabe in the park such as:

Jurassic War

A real unique breathtaking adventure is waiting for us at Jurassic War - the Dinosaurs Battle! After a smooth walk through real size Dinosaurs, a spectacular immersive tunnel simulator will take us back 65 million years ago in the Jurassic Forest.

Jurassic War starts with a quiet walk in which the visitor can discover reals size animatronics dinosaurs such as Triceratropo Velociraptor or T-Rex and riproduction of fossils.

You will be able to discover this fantastic attraction.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed arrives in the Far West Area: thanks to virtual reality the guest becomes the protagonist of one of the most successful series of action-adventure video games of all time, with almost 100 million copies sold worldwide.

Wear the visor and hold the bow inside the Temple of Anubis to challenge templars and giant snakes.

Will you be able to find your way out alive?

Themed Areas

Cinecittà World, Ancient Rome, Spaceland, the Far West, Adventureland, the sognolabio water area and the new entry, il Regno del Ghiaccio, are the immersive worlds of the park, dedicated to different movie themes and separated by scenographic portals.

Hotel Packages

Aggrements have been put in place with several hotels around Rome. It's possible to book hotels following the button further below.

Entry tickets to Cinecittà World are included in the price of the hotel. In case of booking in facilities who are not affiliated with the LOC, the price for the entrance ticket to the Cinecittà World Park, for accompanying person.

For additional informations regarding hotels or tourist guides, contact Anna Anacito at [email protected]